Dear Lucy Leader …

Encouraging Excitement About Mites

Dear Lucy Leader,

I am looking for a way to make collecting mites more exciting for my local group. We love supporting the missions but our Mite Boxes have been lighter recently. Do you have any suggestions to help me?

Martha for Mites

Dear Martha for Mites,


Thank you for your devotion to the LWML and supporting our grant recipients! There are multiple resources to learn more about the grant recipients at However, I would recommend looking at and seeing if your group would be interested in using the mite challenge calendar! This calendar would give you a small task and a small mite offering each day of the month. A new calendar is published for each month. This resource could be used as a one month or a year-long challenge.

In addition to the mite challenge calendar, you can share information from about how our mite offerings have made an impact on those ministries that have received the mission grants. It’s always exciting to see how our mite offerings make an impact.

May God bless you and your group in your endeavor!

Lucy Leader

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