Dear Lucy Leader …Getting More Women Involved

Dear Lucy Leader,

My church has a lot of ladies that were once actively involved in LWML but are now homebound or don’t like to drive at night when we have our meetings. We want to keep this meeting time in order to keep our members that work during the day. What can we do to continue to engage the ladies that were once so actively involved?

Interested in Involvement Ingrid

Dear Interested in Involvement Ingrid,

It’s so wonderful that you want to continue to engage these ladies, and it just so happens that the LWML does have a great resource for your situation. The Mailbox Member Program (MMP) is a way to connect with your LWML members who are not able to be involved in your regularly scheduled activities. You can also invite other members of your congregation that have never been part of LWML. A program that shares resources may be just what those ladies need.


Resources are meant to be shared with the mailbox members on a monthly basis. Resources vary from devotions to service activities and crafts. Check out the program at You’ll find a coordinator guide, invitation, mailbox craft, and monthly resources for three years of the program.

May God bless you as you start this program at your church!

Lucy Leader

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