Dear Lucy Leader …

Meeting Minutes Helps

Dear Lucy Leader,

Help! I was nominated to be my zone’s recording secretary. I’ve been my group’s recording secretary for some time, but I’m unsure whether I may include too much or too little or if I leave out something I should really be including. If I’m elected, I want to write the minutes properly. Can you give me a definitive list of what should be included in meeting minutes?

Susie Secretary

Dear Susie Secretary,


Congratulations on being nominated! The position of recording secretary is a big responsibility, and the records you keep are very important. It is great that you want to know how you can record the minutes accurately if you are elected. Meeting Minutes Helps is exactly what you need in your toolbox to make you feel confident as a recording secretary at any level. This resource is straight to the point with its information about what to include and the helpful hints provided.

May God bless you!

Lucy Leader

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