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Mentoring Heart to Heart — video on how you can connect with a Heart to Heart Sister to help them be a part of the LWML.

LWML Atlantic District President Article: “stunning mosaic of people glued together by their faith.”

Margo Dupre, a Heart to Heart Sister’s Reflections 

Immigrants Among Us 

A Message From the Heart From One District President to Another 


Past Heart to Heart PowerPoints

History of the Heart to Heart Sisters Program

"Oneness in Christ is strengthened through intentionally teaming with our LCMS sisters of varied ethnic, cultural, generational and organizational backgrounds." (Assembly of Leaders, 2008)
Historical first persons’ account about the development of the Heart to Heart Training Program.


Past Heart to Heart — Sisters of All Nations Bible Studies

Other Quarterly Bible Studies in Spanish


More Articles from the Lutheran Woman's Quarterly Featuring Heart to Heart — Sisters of All Nations


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