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New Devotion

What God Can Do With 57 Cents — This devotion is a great resource as districts focus on meeting their 2018 mite goal.

Flier for NEW 2-year Planner

A promotional flier to print and distribute to district, zone, and society members about the 2017-2019 reSOURCEs for Planning Programs.

Featured ReSOURCEs

June 2017Heart
You might like to use this June icebreaker idea — WHO HAS YOUR HEART? – In advance cut out one heart for every two people (using estimated attendance). Cut each heart in half using different lines (zip-zag, wavy, etc) so they make a puzzle. When the ladies arrive give them each a heart puzzle piece. During the icebreaker time, have them find the other half of their heart. Share who in your family has your heart, it could be a spouse, child, grandchild or neighbor.

Devotion: Maybe Your Gift Is … 

Bible Study:  NEW His Love, Our Love

Sketch: NEW Love All Around

Mission Servant idea: Let’s care for our husbands/children or some special friends. They need to know they are loved. Here are few ideas:

  1. Leave/mail a note letting them know they are cared for and thought of today.
  2. Pray for them. Don’t just pray, but write a prayer for them and then share it with them.
  3. Share a hug.
  4. Have a special dinner — for no particular reason
  5. Share stories of your childhood.
  6. Read your wedding Scripture verses with your husband or child’s confirmation verse with the kids or a devotion with a friend.

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2015–2017 reSOURCEs for Planning Programs

This “grab and go” resource provides two years of thematic monthly meeting plans. You can print as many copies as you need of any of the resources which include icebreakers, devotions (all new), Bible studies (20 new), Mission Servant projects, reference to Mission Grants projects, and a periodic sketch (five new).

FREE as a download: reSOURCEs for Planning Programs


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Has God given you the gift to write?
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