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A familiar poster features three frazzled, wide-eyed raccoons with the quote, “There are those who spend their life making things happen, there are those who watch things happen, and the rest of us wonder what happened!” Most people fall into one of those three categories, especially when we pause to reflect on how quickly time passes and wonder what we have done with that time. Sometimes we have accomplished a great deal yet feel unfulfilled. There are also times when we make too many things happen, and we feel so unfocused and frustrated. Working with a personal mission statement can help us feel a sense of purpose and become more focused in our life. 

The following worksheets are designed to help you work through a sequential process to develop your own personal mission statement. You may want to work through them on your own or join a friend as you work through the process.

Questions to "test" your mission statement draft: 

  • Does this mission statement describe what my life is all about?
  • Would others think this statement describes my life's work?
  • Do I feel motivated and challenged by this statement?
  • Is this statement consistent with what I see myself doing or what I would like to be about?
  • Do I have the skills, abilities, and gifts to accomplish the potential in what I have written?
  • Is this mission statement attainable?

Before moving from draft to a finalized version, "live" with your draft mission statement for a while. Share it with others, particularly close friends and other people in your life. Dialogue with them about it. Is it consistent with their view of you? Once you feel comfortable with your draft commit it to memory so it can guide your activities.

Mission statements should be touchstones as we plan our work, relationships, our volunteer hours, and make decisions that significantly impact our life's choices. They are meant to be flexible, fluid, living documents. Review it from time to time so that it guides not only what you are currently about, but also what you've grown to become.

Developed by the LWML Member Development Committee in 1995
Updated by the Leadership Development Committee in 2018

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