Due to the number of grants this biennium, this month there are three grants featured!

Upheld by God's Hand, Mental Health Outreach

2023โ€“2025 Mission Grant 7 โ€” $96,500

deaconess hugging womanThe body of Christ cares for all people, supporting mental wellbeing.

Millions of people in the United States are suffering with mental illness and disorders. There is a tremendous need and opportunity for Lutheran outreach to help these people and their family members cope with mental illnesses.ย 

Research validates that people seeking help for mental disorders might be more likely to consult a pastor than a clinical therapist or psychologist. Pastors, church workers, and lay leaders must be prepared to address the mental health and illness issues that members of the congregation and those outside the church may bring to them.ย 

The LCMS Task Force for Mental Illness, Health, and Wellness is coordinating with LCMS Life Ministry to develop and publish materials and resources to provide training for church workers and lay leaders related to mental health outreach and spiritual care. This grant will support the development of these materials.

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Equipping Young Leaders

2023โ€“2025 Mission Grant 9 โ€” $50,000

teens and an adult sit around a table with books and papers, talkingOne of the unique features of YouthLead is that the training is led by the Executive Team made up of young people elected by their peers. In this picture you see Executive Team member Ally leading her small group during training.

LCMS Youth Ministry faithfully leads, serves, provides resources, and networks with youth and adults working through LCMS districts and congregations โ€” with Christ and His gifts at the heart and center of everything. The sponsored YouthLead program and Servant Events are designed to train young leaders and give them opportunities for service.ย 

Offering YouthLead conferences regionally, piloting a new format of Servant Events to include leadership training, and increasing curriculums will offer service and leadership training to more teens and young adults. LCMS Youth Ministries wants to deepen their understanding of the needs of young people and the best practices for youth and young adult ministry. Survey results show the way to keep young people connected to the church is to give them chances to serve and lead. This grant will allow LCMS Youth Ministry to expand their current programs to equip young leaders.

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Set Apart To Serve

2023โ€“2025 Mission Grant 10 โ€” $100,000

collage of two photos: one photo of two boys in white robes at front of church with the candles, and one of a teen boy in white robes processing into church carrying the processional cross with stained glass artwork in the backgroundL: Acolytes extinguish the Paschal candle on Sunday, May 8, 2022, at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Palmer, Kan. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford R: The crucifer holds the processional cross at the opening Divine Service during the LCMS Lutherans in Black Ministry Family Convocation 2022 on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Mobile, Ala. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

Set Apart to Serve is a Synod-wide initiative that focuses on forming and recruiting fulltime church workers to teach the saving faith to Godโ€™s people. Since Christ provides workers for His church through His people, every congregation needs to talk intentionally to our youth and adults about church work to stimulate enrollment in Christian education, deaconess, director of parish music, director of family life, and seminary programs.ย 

This grant will partially fund anticipated expenses of a broad, rigorously planned, and well-constructed, multi-year sustained effort across the LCMS to affect a positive, cultural change in the way church worker vocations are perceived. Prospective students will be encouraged and inspired to consider and prepare to serve the Church in lifelong professions that advance the Gospel both in the U.S. and abroad.

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