“Ends of Earth” Scholarships

2021–2023 Mission Grant 18 —  $50,000

man crouching down next to group of children, all wearing sunglasses"It is in the eyes of the children that we see the future" 
— Unknown Author.
After receiving sunglasses to protect their eyes, Muzi Khumalo shares the gospel message through finger puppets with some of the children the MOST Ministries team met while in South Africa serving on an Eyeglass team. Muzi proclaims "It is our duty to take care of the future, to ensure that those that come behind us, live as generously happy as we did. It is through the caring for our children that we will succeed in this."

MOST Ministries is receiving more requests from LCMS missionaries and national church leaders to provide teams to go to the "ends of the earth" places such as Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, and Sri Lanka to work side-by-side with missionaries, sharing the Gospel. The travel cost (up to $5,050) of the short-term mission trips to these distant places has become prohibitive, and has made it challenging for willing people to join a team. Currently, team members are personally responsible for their total per person cost. Not only do they use personal funds, but they are encouraged to reach out to members of the body of Christ to participate in the mission with encouragements, prayers, and financial support. This grant would offer financial support to cover up to one-half the cost of each participant, not to exceed $2,000.

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