Free downloadable Prayer Prompts

These free printables can be used in various ways to encourage prayer individually or at your group, zone, or district event. They were originally called “mug rugs” and were used at the “Cup with President Kay Kreklau — It’s about Prayer” exhibit at the Pittsburgh Convention and revised in 2024. Each Prayer Prompt was laminated and placed on the floor of the exhibit. Participants stepped from one to another and offered a prayer for the subject provided on the sheet. Each person could pray as long as they wished and could begin or end anywhere in the process. 

Below are other ideas to use Prayer Prompts:

  • Give a Prayer Prompt to various people in your audience and ask them to pray aloud for their subject as you join in corporate prayer.
  • Bind the Prayer Prompts together in a binder or put them in a folder for use in your daily prayers.
  • Place the Prayer Prompts along a trail or path you are using as a prayer walk.
  • Place one or two Prayer Prompts on each table during a luncheon or pot-luck and urge those at that table to pray for that subject. You may wish to encourage people to move from table to table and pray for additional subjects.
  • Give an individual Prayer Prompt to each member of your group or Bible study and ask them to pray for that subject each day, then report back the next time you gather.
  • Spread Prayer Prompts across a table and ask participants to walk around the table praying for each subject. 

Download the printable prayer prompts

Prayer Prompts in color, 4 to a page, 8.5" x 11"
Prayer Prompts in color, 8.5" x 11"
Prayer Prompts in color, 11" x 17"

Download the printable prayer prompts to color

Prayer Prompts coloring page, 8.5" x 11"
Prayer Prompts coloring page, 11" x 17"


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