Two Minute Tuesday

Today truly is Twos-day! It’s the second month, the 22nd day, in the year of ’22. We put a lot of emphasis on dates and time spans, and we give thanks to God for the times we have had in the past as well as the time prepared for us in the future. 

In 2022, the LWML is celebrating 80 years of serving the Lord with gladness. How will you and your group commemorate this special milestone? Some will joyfully collect 80 pairs of socks for a homeless shelter or make 80 quilts to send to those in need. Collecting offerings in increments of 80 or designating an 80-day period to give thanks to God for all His blessings are other options.

This year is a good time to look back in your LWML district archives and appreciate all that was accomplished for the kingdom of God by Lutheran Women in Mission. It is time to share the history, learn from the past, and have fun in the fellowship to come, however you choose to celebrate.

Sally Handrick
LWML Missouri District President

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