Two Minute Tuesday

“Joy to the World” is a popular hymn at Christmas time. The title can be found on cards, plaques, ornaments, and clothing. “Joy to the World” is usually sung at our Children’s Christmas programs. It is a song that is hard to sing without smiling. My Joy is found in Jesus, my Savior.

How can you share your Joy? Giving mite offerings to help with the district and national mission grant projects is a great way to share Joy with lots of people. Inviting friends, who don’t have a church home, to attend an Advent or Christmas service, and also Sunday services and Bible studies are other ways to share His Joy. 

Invite women to an LWML event or to study one of the great LWML Bible studies or devotions on the website.  A great devotion to start with is “Got Joy?”. You can download the PDF or listen on the LWML On the Go PodcastHave a joy-filled Christmas.

Paula Daniels, President
LWML Carolinas District