Two Minute Tuesday

I really enjoyed reading “The Treasures of the Heart” articles posted on Perhaps you can relate to some of the “treasures” mentioned. Who provides our treasures — and our talents and our time? Our precious Lord provides all that we richly and daily need to support this body and life — including food, clothing, companionship, medical care, and many, many other things. 

He also provided His Son to live, die and rise again FOR US. He shared His greatest Treasure with us.

God’s example of sharing treasures starts a cycle — He shares with us and we share our treasures with family, friends, our church, and our neighbors, near and far. Our Stitchin’ for Missions group has shared 80 (x 3!) quilts so far this year, and recently 80+ backpacks for students heading to school. 

As God shows us, let’s also share our greatest treasure, the gift of salvation provided through the life and work of Jesus Christ. 

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke 12:34).

Nila Rodriguez
Pacific Southwest District President