September to Remember

Treasures of My Heart — My Faith Heritage

Today, September 10th, was my parents’ wedding anniversary. They are the treasure of my faith heritage. Neither grew up in the Lutheran faith, but when I was twelve, they chose the theology of the Lutheran church as the faith foundation for our family. They always led by example: worship attendance, Bible study, prayer, and personal faith in action. When they retired and there was not a Lutheran church in that community, they helped to start a congregation that is thriving today.

Their faith led them to serve in many ways over the years. Neither would be surprised to see where my servant path has led me. I follow in the footsteps of the two who groomed me into the faith-filled, servant-hearted woman that I am today.

Because of my parents, I have the greatest treasure: faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through LWML I have been blessed to serve in many ways. Through LWML I help bring His Gospel message to those waiting to hear it, near and far. You can share your faith also, by donating to the LWML Mission Goal on September 13 during our September to Remember Giving Tuesday. What a gift God has given us — to share His love with others!

Karen Morrison