September to Remember

I’ve Treasured Your Prayers

In January 2011 I had just finished my term as LWML New Jersey District President. I became very sick. After six months of visits to specialists, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare illness called Cushing’s Disease. My condition worsened. My husband, Bob, said I almost died three times. My spine had nine fractures. My leg was almost amputated. Things were bad. Unbeknownst to me, my LWML sisters and brothers started praying for me — a lot! Prayers were ascending from people I didn’t even know. I’ve met some of them recently and they ask me how I’m doing. Am I better? I say yes, thank you, and thank you for the prayers!

It is difficult to describe how much those prayers meant to me. Even now I praise God for all of those who lifted me up in prayer. Today, I know about all those prayers, and I will be forever grateful. I deeply treasure the women and men of the LWML for their faithfulness in prayer.

During this September to Remember, treasure those who have prayed for you and thank the Lord for each of them. On September 13, consider a donation in honor of your treasure at

Susan Donnelly