September to Remember

Teenage Treasures

I grew up in a small Midwest town where the population was mostly Catholic and Baptist. Most of my high school friends were active in the youth program at the Baptist church. I frequently attended activities with them, but I never quite felt like an “insider.”

At my friends’ church, they organized the production of a Christian musical; at my church, we folded the bulletins before church. At my friends’ youth group, I was encouraged to “turn my life over to Jesus”; at my youth group, I was taught that I had been saved by grace … through faith (Ephesians 2:8a).

I treasure the teens from my church who were a support to me. We might not have had the flashy, well-funded youth program that my friends had, but we had many opportunities to search God’s Word, ask questions of our pastor, listen to the wisdom of our parents, and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we matured in our faith.

On September 13 you will have the opportunity to give to the LWML Mission Goal so others — young and old alike — will know Jesus and His love.

Deaconess Betty Knapp