Two Minute Tuesday

Now that the convention is over, you want to tell everyone about Lutheran Women in Mission — the LWML. The joyful spirit of fellowship at a large gathering of women seeps from your pores.

Every quarter uplifting LWML moments are published to help you share. The Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly can be distributed to all who missed the excitement you felt. If your church only orders a few, pass them around. Use the Bible studies and look for points of interest.

I admit I have been carrying my Quarterly around and telling everyone about LWML. But I must confess, I have a selfish reason. My granddaughter Kalli graces the cover of the Summer 2023 edition. Although I have written Bible studies and other articles for the LWQ, I have never been more excited to share this one.

Isn’t that the case for most of us? The more we are involved, the more we want other people to know about it. I hope that is how you feel about LWML. Get involved and spread the word about the love of Jesus.

Terri Bentley
LWML Utah-Idaho District President