Two Minute Tuesday

At the LWML Louisville Convention in 1971, a series of 31 mini-studies in a gold vinyl wallet titled “The Joy of Being,” was introduced. These Mustard Seeds were designed for the working woman to use on her lunch hour as a witness tool. Over the next 50 years the popularity of the Mustard Seed Devotions grew and prompted the development of many additional series. 

Today, the Mustard Seed Devotion found on the LWML App or in daily emails is “on the go” and interactive. Recent updates provide an audio option and an interactive Bible link. Hover over the passage reference to open the link for an opportunity to read the passage in context. 

A small seed, planted in 1968 and germinated in 1971, continues to grow and bless the LWML in 2022. Sign up for Mustard Seed Devotions on the LWML website, but don’t forget its original intent — a God-given opportunity for a busy woman to stay in God’s Word and a tool to witness to the unchurched.

Cinda Poppe
LWML South Wisconsin District President