Dear Lucy Leader …

Connecting with Multicultural Women

Dear Lucy Leader,

My church is in an area where a lot of people speak Spanish. Our LWML group would like to reach out to the Spanish-speaking population in our area. Do you know of any resources to help?

Wanting to Connect Cora

Dear Wanting to Connect Cora,


What a great idea for outreach in your own community! The LWML has many resources for you. Each issue of the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly includes a Bible study that has been translated into Spanish. The archives of these studies can be found here: In addition to the Bible studies, the LWML has created coloring sets in Spanish. Pairing a Spanish Bible study with a notecard or bookmark would be a great way to reach out to the people in your community.

If you want to specifically get Spanish-speaking ladies involved in LWML, there is a Spanish translation of “Introduction to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.” The LWML also has a program called Heart to Heart — Sisters of All Nations which is intended as a way to introduce and welcome multicultural women into the LWML. This program develops multicultural women as LWML leaders. A variety of resources can be found at

As Lutheran Women in Mission, it is important for us to not only share the LWML with women of all cultural backgrounds, but also to learn about their cultures, traditions, and stories. So, as you begin to welcome these women into your group, take time to get to know them and embrace their culture as part of what makes your group unique and special.

May God bless you as you connect with and learn about the people in your area!

Lucy Leader

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