Dear Lucy Leader,

It is so hard to find women that are willing to be in a leadership role at any level. We have quite a few women that come to group and zone events, but most of them shy away when the topic of leadership comes up. How can we encourage more women to consider a leadership role?


Encouraging Ellen

Dear Encouraging Ellen,


It’s great to hear that you have lots of women coming to your events. The idea of leadership can be scary, but with the right support it isn’t scary. The LWML has a page on its website full of resources (Leader Development and Training Tools). A few highlights on that page are Leadership 101, Look of a Leader, and Leadership in Pairs.

Leadership 101 is full of basic information about leadership — what it is, different types of leadership, and influences on leadership — as well as connecting leadership traits to the Bible.

Look of a Leader focuses on the traits of a leader. It explores fifteen traits. Helping women who are coming to your events see that they have some of these traits would be a good way to introduce leadership to them.

Leadership in Pairs is a resource that encourages leaders to find people to work with and find support in, and not to do everything alone. This is a great resource to help women feel they are not alone in leadership.

God’s blessings as you endeavor to get more women involved in leadership!

Lucy Leader

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