Dear Lucy Leader …

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Dear Lucy Leader,

Ever since I attended the LWML convention in Lexington two years ago and then my district convention last year, I’ve felt a strong pull and desire to serve in the LWML. I’m not sure I’m ready for an elected position, but how can I get involved at the district or national level?


Enthusiastic Emily

Dear Enthusiastic Emily,

First and foremost, go to God in prayer about this desire to serve. Ask God to guide you in your actions as you consider serv


ing in new areas. Each district structure is a little different, so it is important to know how your district functions and which positions are appointed (as opposed to elected). This could mean working on a committee or being the meeting manager to help assist the president with meeting planning details. Contact your district president to inquire about getting involved at the district level.

At the beginning of each new biennium, committees are formed at the national level. If you have an interest in serving at the national level, you should fill out the Personnel Resource Profile Form. There are a variety of questions for you as you consider where your gifts and talents may lie. If you need to know more about what each committee or department does, look at the LWML Committee Purpose Statements. When the Board of Directors meets in August following a national convention, committees are formed.

I pray that God would lead you to where he desires you to serve within the LWML!

Lucy Leader

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