Dear Lucy Leader,

I am hoping, with the help of God, to read through the Bible in one year. Can you point me to any resources that can guide me in this goal?

Thank you,

Dedicated Daisy

Dear Dedicated Daisy,


First of all, congratulations on setting a goal for the next year that helps you become more familiar with the Word! One of the things a good leader has is a solid spiritual life, and being in the Word is a great way to accomplish this. The very first thing I would recommend is to go to the Lord in prayer to aid you in this endeavor. There is a resource on the LWML website to guide you in this goal ─ This resource helps you by breaking your reading into three sections each day, allowing you to go through the Bible in one year. Hopefully, breaking the reading into three small sections per day will help to keep you motivated to continue as the year progresses.

May God guide you in your future endeavors!

Lucy Leader

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