My dad was in church Thursday morning giving thanks to our Lord for all his earthly and heavenly blessings. Thanksgiving is one of my dad’s favorite holidays not only because of the delicious smoked turkey legs shared at the dinner table with family, but because of the gifts received through the sacrament of Holy Communion shared with God’s children at the Lord’s Table.

As a child, I remember my dad getting up at 4:00 a.m. to begin smoking the turkey. He would start it early enough so that he could attend the Thanksgiving Day worship service. Thank you to my dad for the turkey and for bringing me to church. Although I am grateful to have now made it to the big kids’ dinner table on Thanksgiving, the best table is the Communion table where our Father invites us to His banquet feast.

nullRecently, I read a Mustard Seed Devotion about gratitude. I thank Rev. Larry and Shari Miller for authoring this Faith-Filled Parenting Mustard Seed Devotion. I thank my mom for sharing her faith with me and for spreading the Gospel by giving Mustard Seed Devotions along with a tip to servers, attendants, and caregivers for their service.

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